Minimalist, Zero Waste, Human

Being a Minimalist and living a “zero waste” life seem to go together like Sonny and Cher or like Gummy Bears and Strawberry Ice-cream (don’t fight me on this). However, starting out and mixing a new lifestyle with an old one can be more like Zac Efron and High School Musical – the old life gets you so far and then you need to shake it off to be able to move forward. For this process, over the last month or so I have been doing some hard core research and learning from the tribulations and triumphs of others who have gone before.
While I still have my old products to fall back on, I have also been having a go at some DIY beauty products with mixed results. As I live in a share house, my decluttering and swapping of old and new can only go to the limits of my own use. I don’t see the benefit of pushing my new ideals on others when a) I am still very much on a journey and I am vulnerable to making many many mistakes and b) forcing restrictive regimes is not really my thing. Even my boyfriend (who I have decided will henceforth be known as Mr T) didn’t know I was using my DIY toothpaste for 2 weeks.
So, I have been interested in this lifestyle for quite a while, I only got serious about it a month ago and I started making some changes 2 weeks ago. So how is it all going?
At the moment I am enjoying it. Apart from one day at work when my experiment with homemade shampoo left me with more of a hair helmet than luscious locks, everything I have tried so far seems to be falling into place.
I am still using all of the products I already have in order to use them up. This also makes the transition period a little smoother.
Some changes I have made already:
  • Unsubscribing from marketing emails. I really didn’t notice how many of these I was getting a day until I started to actually open them and find the teeny, tiny, barely legible unsubscribe button right at the bottom. Yes, Maybe one day the stuff that is on sale will align with the very thing I need. But 99% of the time, they are tempting me to buy things that I really can live without. Maybe I could save a percentage by shopping at sales but I could also save 100% by not buying it in the first place.
  • Buying a stainless steel razor. Okay, today when I bought this I didn’t have the time or energy to correct the well meaning shop assistant when he assumed I was buying this for Mr T. As you can see from the image, its not pink, it didn’t come in plastic, it doesn’t have flowers on it and I have never seen an ad for it with a woman wearing silk pyjamas, but boy does it work! This is a Stainless Steel Safety Razer I bought at the Shaver Shop for $29.99. Along with it I bought a pack of 5 blades for less than the cost of a pack of cheap plastic Bic razors. Approximately 40 minutes before writing this I had a shower and took my new razor with me. I had flashbacks to my 13 year old self coming out of the shower with blood streaming from my ankles but my fears were unfulfilled. I can honestly claim to have the smoothest legs I have probably ever had from shaving and not a drop of blood in sight. I am even going to wear long pants tomorrow, not because I have to cover my legs but because, like hell I’m not going to enjoy the swoosh feeling when I walk!


  • Along with my new razor I also went to the shops today to try a solid deodorant bar from Lush. A place I have avoided like the plague for its bevy of hipster looking sales assistants and too good to be true humanitarian claims. But today, I was brave. I spoke to a very nice lady in her doc martins and not very recently dyed orange hair. She was passionate and knowledgable about her products and very willing to help. I was impressed by their lack of packaging and range of products. I even decided to take a small block of sweetly smelling ‘Aromaco’ deodorant home ( As I was paying for my deodorant block (shown below) she discovered this was my first time in lush and as we had been discussing my new lifestyle choices she even threw in some samples of zero waste toothpaste tablets and some really lovely minty soap! An excellent marketing ploy? perhaps. Did I end up purchasing more than what I came for? No. Did I feel listened to? You betcha! Keep up the good work Lush. I will most definitely be back. Side note: I used the bar for the first time after my shower, and without having given it a proper test with physical exertion, it feels like deodorant so far.


I am just realising how many new things I have managed to fit into just two weeks of making more sustainable living decisions so I will continue this conversation again shortly.
Ciao for now.

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