The Human Solution

The current generalised human attitude towards the world is the same as an ineffective micro-manager. We are everywhere, controlling all things. The poor animals and ecosystems that we are a part of (as much as we think ourselves as above it all) can’t get on with sorting out the mess. Which, by the way they are more than capable of handling without the input of our species. Except that we have now reached a tipping point where our far reaching destruction has become more than the planet can handle. At least thats the polite way of looking at it. Really, we reached that point a while ago, but nobody wants to incite widespread panic.

It is true that humans are the problem, but we could so easily become the solution too by doing nothing more drastic than by educating everyone about the relationship between their everyday decisions and its effect on the bigger picture. By “bigger picture” I mean the inevitable and premature extinction of living things (including us meddling humans). Well, the cockroach might survive. Who knows? Just think. All that will be left is the plastic faces of some well known celebrities and cockroaches.

It is easy to feel like a cockroach yourself when faced with the enormous threat of global suicide. We are killing ourselves just by living! Its also easy to become hysterical and rant and rave and be angry and wonder how the hell we could have let it get this far?! But what does that solve? Unfortunately nothing. For some reason, people aren’t listening. I myself have only heard the message just recently and when I did, it completely shook me to my core and frightened me far more than any fictional story ever could. To be fair, there are some truly wonderful people out there doing a whole lot of good in nearly every facet of society. But they are little voices, sometimes being swallowed up by the cacophony of greased, mechanised cogs, churning out consumables to be traded for dollars.

How much could I do to make a difference? How much is too little? Have I gone too far? What will people think? Am I doing this right? – All questions I have asked myself on a daily basis. The answer is, do more. Do more to create less waste, do more to consume less, do more to show people that they can do something. Spread stories of success and trial and error. Make mistakes and learn from them. But for the livings sake, do more.


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