The Crazy Cat Poo Lady

Most pet owners believe that the sun shines out of their precious fur-baby’s backside. In my case though, I really don’t think I’m that far off. Cavendish is my cat. Aside from a couple of mistreated fish and hermit crabs when I was much younger, Cavendish is my first proper pet. And as I hurtle towards my late twenties, he has become somewhat of a “practice baby”. I show his photo to uninterested strangers and long time friends who know now to just smile and nod.


My partner and I have had Cavendish for exactly a year this coming Sunday. We went to the RSPCA hoping to meet a different cat that I had been obsessing over for weeks. Instead we came home with a ginger idiot that we love more than we could have imagined. Earlier in the year, I wrote about my worm bin and how I use it to digest the cat poo and excess litter. More than 6 months later and it is still going strong. There is no smell at all. It sits right by our front door and I have never heard anyone mention it. Honestly, I have been known to direct their attention to the large box of cat poo and explain in excitement how much poop, my little wormies are munching through. To which I get the now expected, smile and nod. Recently, I have also been able to add the vermicast (worm poo) from the bin to my non-edible plants as compost. This ‘black gold’ as gardeners like to call it, has helped add nutrients back into what was dead soil. It had no micro organisms living in it. It had no good bacteria. Nothing but the hardiest of plants and an abundance of weeds would grow. Before being enlightened, I was of the belief that dirt was dirt. Put a plant in the dirt and it would grow. After many failed attempts at adding some greenery to the yard, I realised that this was not the case. Plants absorb the good stuff from the soil, so over time you have to replenish this by adding decayed organic matter back into it.


So now, when I empty the cat litter box, I no longer just shove the poop into a plastic bag hoping to heaven that there wasn’t a hole in the bottom. I now actually get excited about adding Cavendish’ golden nuggets to the tower of industry that is my worm bin. So yes, I am a little obsessed with my cat and absolutely everything about him. Including his poop.


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