Why This Generation Needs the Zero Waste Movement

  The 60’s and 70’s had the novelty of plastics, the 80’s had big business and ‘greed was good’,  the 90’s was all about having it all and the 2000’s was embracing globalisation. Now, in the aftermath of exponential growth and extreme consumption of resources, it’s time for people to embrace the zero waste movement. … Continue reading Why This Generation Needs the Zero Waste Movement

Wasting My Waste Seems Wasteful.

It seems that the Zero Waste/Minimalist movement is almost entirely monopolised by American women (or those living in America) in their early twenties and thirties. Even, Bea Johnson, arguably the Queen of the Zero Waste movement is a fashionable French woman living in California. It is easy to understand why non-profit organisations such as 1 … Continue reading Wasting My Waste Seems Wasteful.

Minimalist, Zero Waste, Human

Being a Minimalist and living a “zero waste” life seem to go together like Sonny and Cher or like Gummy Bears and Strawberry Ice-cream (don’t fight me on this). However, starting out and mixing a new lifestyle with an old one can be more like Zac Efron and High School Musical - the old life … Continue reading Minimalist, Zero Waste, Human

An Anxious Persons Guide to Meditation

The minimalism journey I have started is just a small part of a future that I am creating for myself. It’s not a new me, its not some sort of soul searching transformative journey that will turn me against shaving my legs or using soap. This is merely an exploration of ways to calm my … Continue reading An Anxious Persons Guide to Meditation