La Sirena, Uruguay

Seventeen hours on a bus is not fun, no matter how you dress it up. However it was made reasonably comfortable by the luxury bus that arrived at the terminal that would take us to Uruguay. Reclining seats, full foldable leg rests and black out curtains worked very hard to make sleep a possibility. Aside … Continue reading La Sirena, Uruguay

Argentina, A Passionate Affair

It’s not everyday that a girl gets an indecent proposal from an Argentinian ranch owner. Well, not where I come from but Argentina seems to be full of extremely charming men who are masters of seduction. I think it has something to do with their naturally passionate natures, passed down from their European genetic influences … Continue reading Argentina, A Passionate Affair

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

I would like to spend a little bit of time reminiscing about the confectionary I have encountered around the place. It is no secret to anyone that has met me that I have a terrible sweet tooth. Amazingly I have never had too many dental problems or had Diabetes because when it comes to sugar … Continue reading Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

Airports and Those That Use Them.

Santiago Airport 3rd December 2014 6:00pm  I have found myself back where my love affair with Spanish and South America began, Santiago Airport, Chile. Somehow I have even been drawn back to the same group of chairs just near gate 9. Maybe not so coincidental that it is where Starbucks is located. I remember feeling … Continue reading Airports and Those That Use Them.

Saying goodbye to Rio de Janeiro – 18th October 2014

There is constantly something new to discover about Brazil and its' inhabitants. It is no secret here that most South Americans know how to enjoy themselves. Having only visited a very small section of Brazil so far I can only comment on a minuscule sample of the 200 million people that live here; but what … Continue reading Saying goodbye to Rio de Janeiro – 18th October 2014

A Stroll In Rio – part 2

Another surprising inclusion in my morning walk around Rio was the famous Lapa Stairs. Again, this was something my guide was shocked to discover I knew nothing about but it also meant that everything I learnt was new and I was able to have the pleasure of discovering something so beautiful for the first time. … Continue reading A Stroll In Rio – part 2

A Stroll In Rio – Part 1

God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th he created Rio. If there was ever a city that had been blessed by Gods it has to be this one and the people here know it. With Christ the Redeemer overseeing all the goings on, how could it not be heaven blessed? This … Continue reading A Stroll In Rio – Part 1

An Aussie in South America

Santiago Airport, Chile 11th October 2014, 1:00pm So far, South America is impressing me greatly. Granted I have only seen the international transit lounge and a very obscured view of the mountains in the vicinity of Santiago airport, but with the idea that this continent will be my home for the next few months looming … Continue reading An Aussie in South America